Trabzon is a city of Turkey on the Black Sea coast that located in a strategically important region in Eurasia. Trabzon is one of the oldest cities in the country. Neighbouring countries are Russia to the north, Georgia to the east, Armenia and Iran to the southeast.




Trabzon in historical names Trebizond or Trapezus where transitions the name has undergone since the merchants of Sinope founded it in the 8th century BC, this city on Turkey's Black Sea coast has always had an exotic ring to Western ears. This is one of the legendary names of history: Don Quixote dreamed of himself as Emperor of Trebizond; the great travellers Strabo, Marco Polo and Evliya Çelebi sought out the city, while Napoleon claimed descent from the Comneni dynasty.

Trabzon today is an exciting and thriving city. It is a centre of international tourism and business, and, due to its location, thrives from trade with the CIS. Its port is busy, its suburbs expanding, and its football team is consistently one of the most successful in Turkey.



Trabzon has a mild climate all year round. Day and night temperature difference is not so high. Being situated along a sea-side and surrounded towards south by steep mountains running parallel to the coast, it receives a lot of rain, especially in winters and springs. March and may are the rainiest terms. Snow is rare, and melts away even it does snow. Warm clothes are needed in winters although the temperature never drops below zero. In summers the temperatures are up to 30 oC, but effective temperature is about five degrees more than what is shown due to high humidity. Beaches along the Black Sea coast are very helpful on such days and provide the visitors with a pleasant atmosphere with sea water temperature around 23 oC.



Reach to Trabzon from Europe

Trabzon Airport (IATA: TZXICAO: LTCG) is an international airport located in the Trabzon where it has only 1 Km from the Pelitli campus on the road between Trabzon and Rize. There are direct flightes from the airport to Germany (Berlin-Tegel, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn), Russia (Sochi), Kuwait, etc. Also, there multiple daily flightes from Istanbul to Trabzon where students can reach to Trabzon throught Istanbul airports.


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