International Relations Office


The Major Bodies of International Relations Office and Their Functions

The Major Bodies of International Relations Office are as follows:

a) International Relations Coordinator

b) International Relations Unit Coordinator

c) International Relations Department/Program Coordinator

d) Commission of International Relations

e) Unit Representative


International Relations Coordinator

The International Relations Coordinator who is also the director of the Office of International Relations is assigned by the Rector for a period of three years and is directly accountable to the Rector. It is possible for the same person to be assigned again. The coordinator chooses one of the commission members as his/her assistant.

The duties of International Relations Coordinator

International Relations Office (Coordinatorship) carries out its activities as a unit directly connected to the Rectorship. In broad terms, the Coordinatorship ensures building strong relationships and collaborative agreements with universities, higher education institutions and several organizations in other countries in terms of academic, social and cultural interaction. In addition, the Office aims to coordinate all the activities of the university that have an international character and to give support to all the other units in carrying out all the activities and programs aimed at integrating with European education and research fields.

International Relations Unit Coordinator

Unit Coordinator is chosen by the unit among faculty members and assigned for a period of three years. The coordinatorship is informed about the assignment in writing. Unit coordinator establishes the connection between the Unit and Coordinatorship and works on improving the International activities of the Unit. Unit Coordinator chooses one of the department coordinators as his / her assistant arranges meetings with department / program coordinators at least twice each semester and coordinates the desired activities. A copy of the meeting record is passed to the Coordinatorship.

International Relations Department/Program Coordinator

International Relations Department / Program Coordinator is chosen by the Department among faculty members / teaching assistants for a period of three years and the coordinatorship is informed about the assignment in writing. Department / Program Coordinator establishes the connection between Department /Program and Coordinatorship and works on improving the connection between Department / Program and Coordinatorship and works on improving the international activities of the Department / Program. He / She gives consultation to exchange students and signs their documents about exchange mobility.


The mission of the Office of International Affairs is to provide university students and teaching staff International experience in training and research, help incoming foreign students and scientists integrate with the university, take maximum advantage of programs and projects, and to contribute to the development of the region.

The vision of the Office of International Affairs is to provide information relating to the worlds best opportunities in order to ensure the university’s effective communication with National and International communities.


a) Achieve the objectives set out below so as to establish cooperation, development and sustainability with International universities while taking into account the university’s requirements and potential.

·         Student mobility

·         Teaching Staff mobility

·         Joint program, project, research and meeting

·         Reciprocal cooperation in other fields

b) Carry out all programs and projects which are coordinated by The Center for EU Education and Youth Programs on behalf of the university, foremost Erasmus.

c) Provide information on National and International projects, to help teaching staff in producing projects or taking part in these projects and to personally carry out these projects when necessary.
d) Obtain the ECTS Label and DS Label by maintaining necessary studies for the European Credit Transfer System and Diploma Supplement, within the frame of the Bologna Process and carry out necessary studies so as for the university to be recognized by the EU.

e) Organize introductory seminars with the aim of broadcasting International projects, programs, seminars, courses, summer school and similar opportunities to the students and teaching staff of the university. Distribute introductory bulletins, make announcements through the website, hang notices and send via e-mail.
f) Carry out arrangements necessary for determining teaching staff that shall participate in International training and research programs, with the benefit of resources of the EU training programs and the University,

g) Provide the allocation of the maximum fund for the University for EU Training Programs and planning of payments and expenditures.

h) Carry out International protocol correspondences on behalf of the University and organize International visits and/or actualize.
i) Participate and assist in organizing expositions and activities relating to National and International training and introduction. Plan and carry out activities such as these which are to be held at the University.


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