Avrasya University considers internationalization as an opportunity to modernize itself and to improve the quality of higher education and to make the qualification sustainable. It is believed that joining the exchange and creating projects or being a partner of already created projects will contribute the personal and vocational developments of all participants and help them improve their skills. Similarly, exchange movements provide some opportunities for researchers and graduates to fulfill the conditions of European Standards by taking maximum advantage of exchange movements and setting up both long term and sustainable associations with the universities of target countries. In this manner, The University supports participating scientific research activities, creating and feeding a network among the higher education institutions, researching and developing cooperative projects and collaborating with both European and the other countries by means of the investigative, innovative, and modern methods for all four ongoing bachelor’s degrees.

The founding purpose of The University, as also its name indicates, is to become an international university for the aim of providing the collaboration of higher education between two continents. Because of this reason, it comprises a good number of academic members that are instructed and trained in the countries like England, Germany, the USA, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Our geographical position helps us achieve this aim, as well. While giving priority to European Program Countries about the issue of partners’ assignment, main targets of us are to create multinational projects, to establish the connection among the related universities and to support the cultural fusion by the help of cooperating with some universities - that will be assigned by our university, from Central Asian countries.

We intend to send bachelor’s degree students to distinguished European universities for the purpose of presenting new views to their life and providing a different and wider perspective related to their interests. We also desire to share our experiences and cultural features by accepting students from the universities of European countries. We believe that taking advantage of exchange movements and studying abroad will play significant role to shape the academic or non-academic life of our students in the future. 

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