Erasmus Policy

Avrasya University full recognizes Erasmus Plus Program as an opportunity to internationalize and modernize itself and to improve the quality of higher education and to make the qualification sustainable. It is believed that joining the exchange and creating projects or being a partner of already created projects will contribute the personal and vocational developments of all participants and help them improve their skills. Similarly, exchange movements provide some opportunities for researchers and graduates to fulfill the conditions of European Standards by taking maximum advantage of exchange movements and setting up both long term and sustainable associations with the universities of target countries. In this manner, Avrasya University supports participating scientific research activities, creating and feeding a network among the higher education institutions, researching and developing cooperative projects and collaborating with both European and the other countries by means of the investigative, innovative, and modern methods for all four ongoing bachelor’s degrees.

The founding purpose of Avrasya University, as also its name indicates, is to become an international university for the aim of providing the collaboration of higher education between two continents. Because of this reason, it comprises a good number of academic members that are instructed and trained in the countries like England, Germany, the USA, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Our geographical position helps us achieve this aim, as well. While giving priority to European Program Countries about the issue of partners’ assignment, main targets of us are to create multinational projects, to establish the connection among the related universities and to support the cultural fusion by the help of cooperating with some universities - that will be assigned by our university, from Central Asian countries.

Our university thinks to make at least 10% of the present students, at least 5% percent of academic members and administrative personals of it avail of the program from 2015 to 2020.


When our general view about the ways that will help us to take maximum advantages of exchange movements is considered, we are planning to benefit in different ways for each bachelor’s degree. In this manner, we are planning to make associate’s degree students participate in exchange movements, especially with the aim of doing internship. We think that it will be helpful for the students of our university that includes 23 separate associate’s degree program in medical, social and technical fields to improve their vocational skills with participating exchange movements in distinguished foundations and companies.


We intend to send bachelor’s degree students to distinguished European universities for the purpose of presenting new views to their life and providing a different and wider perspective related to their interests. We also desire to share our experiences and cultural features by accepting students from the universities of European countries. We believe that taking advantage of exchange movements and studying abroad will play significant role to shape the academic or non-academic life of our students in the future. Because of this reason, by prioritizing the bachelor’s degree students, exchange movements are supposed to be composed of at least 60% of bachelor’s degree students in the next five years.

 The resting 10% of exchange movements is planned to reserve for post graduate students. Participating in exchange program will be promoted if any postgraduate student wants to take charge in our university after his/her study finishes.

We will be an innovative institution responsive to the needs of all our constituents through a participatory, team-based culture. We will have an interdisciplinary educational infrastructure that will create and disseminate knowledge. Avrasya University aspires full recognize to become a global reference point for educational innovation.

Our mission is to develop competent and confident individuals, enriched with the ability to reflect critically and independently, combined with a strong sense of social responsibility; and, to contribute to the development of science and technology, as well as disseminating the knowledge created to the benefit of the community

We acknowledge that participating in Erasmus Plus Program will procure bidirectional advantages. As it is told above, our university, at first, will exactly take significant advantages of Erasmus Plus Program. We will, primarily, be able to avail of experiences of outstanding universities in foreign countries by the help of analyzing and researching projects and participating in international movements. We will both attend to internship activities that can be helpful for our students to improve their qualifications and present them a new perspective by the help of making them attend to lectures in the universities abroad. When it is considered in this manner, participating in the Erasmus Plus Program looks attractive enough for our students. It will become a funny competition among the students in order to be able to get high level grade point averages and to reach at least B1 English level. Thus, it will raise the quality of educational activities of our university. However, we think the university takes advantages of participants coming to teach or learn due to the exchange movements.

Secondarily, our academic staff having experience internationally will have chance to transfer their experiences to universities that are collaborated within the frame of exchange program.




Our Institutional Strategy for the organization and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects within the framework of the Erasmus Program

Avrasya University comprises a unit named as Continuing Education, Research and Practice Centre, which is directly connected to rector. In fact, this unit is one that provides new educational opportunities to youths who want to improve themselves in different fields after their university life. This unit aims to train students having high level knowledge and skill and also finding employment opportunity both in homeland and in foreign countries. Besides, this unit targets to provide educational opportunity for a lifetime for all people in society and provide these people with occupation and to prepare educational programs in parallel with developing science and technology. This unit aspires to make a big contribution for development of cooperation among government, private sector and both national and international foundations.

The Project Definition, Consecution and Administration Centre has been founded within the university, but it is not convenient to be used yet. The main purpose of this center is to analyze and support the personal projects and to research and develop the possibilities of cooperation.

Avrasya University aspires to provide opportunities for all staff to research and develop their projects in outstanding universities abroad. Thus, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree students will be promoted to develop projects by means of exchange movements.

All academic members of Avrasya University, including ones from abroad, will be promoted to take advantage of exchange movements; however, the efforts on researching and developing projects that provide opportunities to establish long term cooperation among the other universities will be promoted by the university administrative committee.


The Expected impact of our participation in the Erasmus + Program on the modernization of our Institution

Our Institution’s five priorities in regard of the Modernization Agenda[1]


Increasing attainment levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs

Avrasya University targets to produce well trained graduates and researchers that are able to fulfill the conditions of developing technology. Our all educational activities have been built into the base of Bologna Process. The necessities of higher education determined by Turkish Higher Education Qualifications Framework for each bachelor’s degree constitute the main base of the plan of our university, and the knowledge, skill and ability are identified in this framework. Lessons providing students to have the knowledge, skill and ability have been included to instruction plans, and educational achievement, student centered workload have been declared to our students with catalogues.

Improving the quality and relevance of higher education

The quality of education that is provided to students is stated in parallel with the high level skill and competence hoped by external world and it is being targeted to cover with enough knowledge. The main issue is not only the level of quality in education but also utility of the education. Because of this reason, we are conscious that we shouldn't see our educational plans as unchangeable and untouchable. We avoid of accepting and applying the methods of educational approaches that are not relevant to the real world by collaborating with some local foundations like Trade And Industry Organizations and Businessmen's And Industrialists' Associations to raise the level of convenience of our educational plans and to keep up with the new technologies and modern life. Thus, instructional plans are reviewed every year and if it is necessary to make minor changings, the responsibility is on the committees of academic units but if that changings have major dimensions, the responsibility is on The University Senate.

On the other hand, we consider taking advantages of opportunities that are provided by science and technology as one of our main principles to improve the quality of education. In this manner; we use modern classrooms and laboratories that are supported with interactive boards and delineascopes. We discuss about both activities that can be made and measures that can be taken to improve the quality of instructions by organizing workshops and academic committee meetings.


Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border co-operation

We haven’t got a chance to exchange our students or to collaborate with a foreign university yet. But we are excited about it. To ensure the highest quality as of the first activity that we will make, we acknowledged all the problems and solutions relevant to problems in the activities that have made up to now and we are aware of the expectations of European Commission and our National Agency from our university. Thus, these will be helpful for us in our future activities. Besides, our main target will not be only to do these activities according to rules but also to play an international role to improve the quality of education of our university and to contribute collaborated universities.


Making the knowledge triangle work: Linking higher education, research and business for excellence and regional development

Our university is not the one that isolates itself from external world; on the contrary it has adopted residing in the developments of science and technology world as a principle. The attitude about higher education that is provided by our university includes both to promote to making researches and to contribute directly to the regional development by being synchronized and being connected to the business world. The Continuing Practice and Education Center and The Project Definition, Consecution and Administration Center are in the center of the triangle of Higher Education, Business World and Researching. In this manner, these centers have undertaken the coordination of a significant mission.


Improving governance and funding

Avrasya University is a foundation university. The basic income of the university founded by a modest foundation is the tuition gotten by the students. Besides, the contribution to the foundation and the contribution of businessmen collaborated by the foundation are also supportive. We are conscious of the fact that pecuniary resources are important to improve the quality of the education and to research enough. For this reason, we, on one hand, spend our payment to improve the quality of the higher education and protect us to limit our education payments.  On the other hand, we make an important effort to increase income by the way of the foundation. However, both Foundation Management and Academic Management overemphasize how the best and the most qualified education is concertedly with the available income, and avoid unnecessary expense not contributing the education.

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