Average cost of living in Trabzon is about 200-300€ per month including the cost of dormitories. Turkey is cheaper than of western European countries. For example some prices are as below.

Bread   0.25 €  (1.5 TL)

Milk (1 Litre)    0.8 €  (4.90 TL)

Eggs (a dozen of)   1.25 €  (8 TL)
Chicken (1 Kg)   3.5 €  (20 TL)
Beef (1 Kg)   7 €  (42 TL)
Tomatoes(1 Kg)   1 €  (6 TL)
Potatoes(1 Kg)   1 €  (6 TL)


The university has dormitories on the Pelitli and Omer Yildiz campus. Such dormitories include rooms shared by 1 to 3 students.

The room prices for one semester are


 Canteens and cafeterias on the each of three campus offer a variety of choices of food ranging from snacks to fast food to cooked meals to suit students desires. the cost is dependent on the menu, usually about 2-3 €.


The exchange students and other foreign students studying at Turkey are requıired to have their own insurance policies. The policies purchased outside Turkey is only valid if it has an international validity. If these students do not have any cover, they are urged and asked to buy one from many policy providers as soon as they enter the country . Such a policy costs around 40 € per month and will cover the owner against all kinds of accidents and ilnesses.

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